June 3, 2016

A brownie came to visit

Brownies belong into fairy tales you might think, but I know better! Last Thursday in walked a brownie in my apartment, dumped her bag on the bed, took a look at my to do list descreetly written on the mirrow and immediately sat down by the sewing machine. And she looked through my bits and pieces, asked some questions about colour preferences and block sizes and got started! Just like that!

And you know what? This brownie did not want any sweeties, she kept going on cuppas. Oh yes, lots of them, but still affordable :-)

Just look at what she did!

The last two blocks for Erika and two Serendipity candles for Susanne in the Bowlegged curvy bee.

Next came three blocks for Judith in the same bee and now I only need to make one more.

Looks like a lot, doesn't it. But not enough with these gorgeous bee blocks, no she looked around and found another bee block I've been successfully procrastinating. It was a lovely block for Martina, but we were so eager to hand it over to her we did not take any pictures. Sorry about that! But I am sure Martina will show her quilt when finished, so you can see it there.

And what did I do while my sewing machine was occupied? Nothing at all; I just made sure the sofa would stay where it supposed to be, You might say I was holding it down  :-)

Thank you sweetie for some lovely days; I would be miserable without you as my friend!

May 16, 2016

Design board

In January Alex from the Modern Cologne Quilters wrote a lovely post about Design boards. It is written in German, but she posted a link for a tutorial in English, should you be interested in making one yourself. 

The design boards are made with a piece of styrofoam, some batting, glue and some 2 1/2" strips of fabric. I immediately wanted to make some myself, but just could not find the time to go shopping for the stryrofoam; well there were a lot of more pressing things to get off my to do list first. 

Can you imagine the surprise when Alex turned up at a Modern Cologne Quilter meeting with some styrofoam for all of us? Lovely, lovely Alex; thank you ever so much!

So next on my agenda was to get a hot glue gun, but I still did not have time for shopping. So what does a resourceful modern lady do? Well, of course some online shopping. The gadget was not hard to find and duly arrived a couple of days later. 

I've always wanted to use one of these gadgets, but it was put in a cupboard, because this time I did not have the "right" kind of batting. I am so easily led astray by advice...

Of course I could have used any of my leftovers clogging up the basement, but I did not think of it. So some more shopping was due...all in all took me three months to gather everything. Stupid me! 

Finally one warm evening a week ago I gathered everything I needed and got started. The glue gun came out of its packing and I found some instructions on what to do if you got hot glue on your hands. Important information, no question, but there were no instructions on how to use the gadget itself! 

Coming this far I did not want everything to back into the closet again, so I grabbed a glass of wine and got started. It wasn't that difficult at all and I soon got the gist of how to use the hot glue gun. Of course I got some glue in places I did not want them to go, like my fingers, but that is life. I had a lot of fun making these boards and they are handy to have. The blocks looks far better in the pictures. At least I think so :-)

What do you think?

May 8, 2016

Flying geese in a lot of different variations

You must be bored stiff by now, reading only about bee blocks, but sorry, that is what I am doing just now. Getting rid of a large stash of bee blocks. I did not sew anything for 3/4 year so when I finally started there was a lot to do. It really is not that bad; I do like sewing bee blocks because of the large variety of patterns. And I love to see what colors pop up!

I think I’ve told you I’ve joined five bees. Oh yes, five :-)

Now it is time to tell you about the Flying geese bee with the Lazy Bums. The Lazy Bums is a group of ladies making up their minds to get rid of their UFOs, with a lot going on as well as sewing. You find us on Flickr. Actually we have a lot of fun together and it is a really supportive, no hassle group. We live all around the world, but that does not deter us from having retreat weekends. We find a date and then we sew for 24 hours together while chatting. I simply love our retreats; may we have another one soon?

Another idea was to have a bee and the Flying Geese bee was born!
I think ten of us signed up and I am surprised at the variety of patterns showing up. Just have a look yourself: 

This one was for Anneliese in Ireland. I am not sure if she came up with the idea for the block herself, or if she had seen it somewhere else. Doesn’t really matter; it is a lovely paper pieced block and it will look great once it is finished.

Then we had a Gaggle of Goslings, diamond and pinwheel geese for Celine. 

And an Eight pointed star for Gi.

Jen set her mind on Ashley's star.

Kathinca wanted some remixed geese in strong colours

and Rachel came up with a  block of her own in pale yellow and grey.

Lauries wanted Geese in the forest by twiddletails

as did Lizzie, but her geese are in a dark winterforest

My own blocks, pattern by twiddletails

Now I've left Leonie out, but that is only because I did not sew her block. We made a deal and decided to sew our own blocks. I was terrified by her block and she wasn't that hot on paper piecing.

And now; just a few angel blocks and I'm done :-)

May 2, 2016

Quilters planner

Before Christmas I was asked if I was interested in a Quilter’s Planner and of course I was! The group order was made and we duly received our planners a month or so later. It is a lovely planner, with a good design and some lovely patterns. If you are interested in getting one for 2017 you’d better have a look here.
With the planner came a free pattern for a cover. I was rather late making mine, but here it is: tadaaa

Zippy Quilter's Planner Cover

And what else have I’ve been up to lately? Frankly; I am busy making bee blocks and nothing but bee blocks. I’ve got a lot to make, but these are my latest ones:

A couple of lovely hearts for Iris:


Two Buzz saw blocks for Alex


A 12 string block for Andrea and last but not least 

a supernova for Kirsten

I love opening the letters every month and seeing the fabrics and the patterns for the next round. You get such a lot of inspiration and the opportunity to try new things. I love it!