April 27, 2011

Scared stiff

This post is going to make you smile and me to cry some buckets full.

I must confess I’m just scared stiff and not without due cause. When I started quilting Åsa told me to quilt by hand and some more wise things like that. Well, I wasn’t listening. What ever for? I’ve been lurking in cyberspace for some time now and read every tutorial there is. Sewing a straight line is no rocket science, is it? So when my first quilt was ready for that final step, so was I.

I duly put the backing on the floor, put a nice, thick batting on it and at last the top. I secured everything with security needles and proudly marched off to my sewing machine. Easy peasy so far. Then I started with my seams in the middle (!) of the quilt and kept going for a while; a long while. My sewing machine started to smoke like the Marlboro man in the process.

This is the result. There will be no nametags on this one.

You can stop smiling now before you get ugly wrinkles!

Ok, so I missed out on the part where it said to straighten out the fabrics really well and the batting was too thick for a beginner. Well, I wasn’t going to put some cardboard quilt on my bed, was I? Nice and fluffy was what I wanted. The result is I cannot undo the seams without undoing the fabric as well. I didn’t adjust the length of the stitches (not a know-it-all like myself, no surely not), so they were really small.

I could show you some further disasters, but I’m not feeling too well at the moment. The worst thing is that Taija, my youngest daughter, quilted hers at the same time and it looks like a dream come true. Åsa is not any longer the only one to throw flawless, finished quilts in my face every time I pass by. Ugh!

Some flimsies are lining up and just waiting for that famous last touch, but I’m like a bird in front of a snake. In my desperation I bought a book on hand quilting last week, but this one really looks like rocket science to me. The book is called Learn to do Hand quilting in just one day by Nancy Brenan Daniel. How am I to learn it in just one day? I feel intimidated.

So now at the end of my confessions I feel humble and I have to admit that the only discipline in quilting I truly excel in, is ordering more fabrics. Kimberly from the Fat Quarter shop must be a wealthy woman by now and probably knows the details of my credit card by heart.

In the meantime waiting for the snake to go away I’m knitting some socks.

In case anyone is interested here is the link to the free pattern.

April 25, 2011

Joseph's coat

Joseph's coat is one of the UFOs laying around waiting for something to happen. This quiltalong started one and a half years ago and I really tried to make it. As I live in Germany I had to order my stuff from overseas. In case you don't know, fabrics are rather expensive in Europe and we haven't the choices you have in the English speaking part of the world. Sure, Germany is a nice place to live in, but it is not quilters heaven!

The fabrics came rather soon, thanks to the fast delivery from the Fat Quarter Shop and the Cotton Patch, but the Stich and Wash Fusible I had to order from a place in Canada. It took almost 2 months to get here and I was meanwhile sure it had disappeared underway. As soon as it came I cut the fabric, made the template and prepared the petals (about 460 of them). Then the sewing started and I actually finished 3 blocks before I got frustrated or something more exciting came around the corner. So all in all, last year a meagre 3 blocks were made. This year I have made up my mind to finish one UFO a month and not to start anything new (no big projects anyway). My plans for this year was to finish 2 blocks from Joseph's coat a month. Actually I have exceeded the expectations already, as I have finished 13 blocks so far. There are still 36 blocks to go, but I don't feel so bad about it anymore. I usually take a block and some petals with me when travelling around and so far it has worked very well.
This is how far I have got. Last sunday I glued some 70 petals and had to unglue my fingers every ten minutes or so...

April 24, 2011

Some pictures from Eastern this year

Today is Eastersunday and we haven't been doing much but stuffing ourselves with chocolate eggs and some other delicious things. It was fun to decorate the house this year. We made some new things and I have been looking for some nice new things.

These ones were made by Nica last year. We got the kit in a shop nearby. They are really eggwarmers, but needs those anyway? Anyway there was only fabric for two bunnys and we are four. 
I don't mind; they look so cute on the windowsill.

The bunny bag is called Bunny Hop. The pattern is from Hatched and Patched. It is rather easy but fun to make.

This one was named "Das Huhn" (The Hen). The patten is from the book Vårgleder by Miriam Morken and Tone Stenkløv.

April 9, 2011

Hallo quilting world

Some time ago my schooltime chum Åsa infected my with the quilting bug. She kept throwing those fabulous quilts into my face everytime I visited her and telling me how much fun sewing is. Well my opinion in this question was quite another one and it helped me to resist for a very long time. My experience was everytime I saw my sewingmachine battletime was on and I always lost the war. It felt like that anyway. You cannot ask my sewingmachine, because it finally lost the war and was replaced with another one with better manners. One beast down!
So my quilting days started with some christmas fabrics and a resolution to make only one quilt (just to show Åsa it wasn't fun) before christmas. As we started, my youngest daughter was very industrious, we just kept sewing until it was almost finished. Then I saw some books and some blogs and...
All right; I pass as a fabraholic. My cupboards a groaning with hidden treasures, under my bed I keep those I cannot put anywhere else and they just keep coming with the postman. Facrics, BOMs, UFOs; you just name it! Everything hoarded in my bedroom and no place to move. If you are a real quilter you know what I mean...