June 30, 2011

Hidden persuasion

Someone is whispering in my ear; quiet seductive words: „Take me. Put your hands all over me. Do whatever you wish with me. Make me glow!”

Of course I’m not that easy to get, but the voice keeps whispering: “I’ll make you happy. Choose me and forget all your silly thoughts. I’m the One and you know it at the bottom of your heart. You will never regret it. Forget all about the others. There is just you and me. Strip me. Now!!”

Well, what can a girl do in this situation? I haven’t any reputation to loose. If you’ve read my posts you know how true this is. So, why not give in to this persuasive voice and forget about the rest of the world for a few precious moments? It’s not like I hear this kind of words every day. Not at my age. I do confess the age difference is huge between us, but as long as we both feel good, why not? I’ll keep you posted. (By the way, I'm talking about quilting - not what you think!)

June 28, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler - Block 2

Last weeks block for the Skill Builder Sampler was a 9-patch block. Easy peasy.

Bear paws - part 2

Last weekend we went to a beautiful wedding in a small scenic town in the mountains. Some younger relatives were getting married and invited us. We were happy to oblige and got to know a lot of interesting people. As we waited in our Sunday bests for the taxi to take us to a castle where the party was held, it started to rain.
As a result I came down with a cold in the head and had to stay in bed for a couple of days. All this sick leave isn't like me at all; I usually go to work with my head under my arm, if need be. It must me all these painkillers I'm taking. They sap all the zip out of me. If it were only painkillers I wouldn't take them, but they are meant to take care of the infection in my arm as well, so I really have no choice.
Since yesterday I'm back at the threadmill factory, working overtime as usual. I don't complain; there is a lot to do and I enjoy my work, but the more overtime I have to do, the more free time I get and when I'm away, there is still more to do - so I work overtime again...

The house is still something of a health hazard hole, but I've started to unclutter some shelves, drawers and closets. It is amazing how much junk you can gather in a couple of years.

I haven't been able to do much on the quilting front (no zip to speak of), but I have worked on the Bear paws. I wrote about them some time ago; they are made out of the leftovers (Glacé) from the Star mystery quilt. 70 small blocks were finished, but I need 100 for a large quilt. I think this is what it looked like last time:

I made 400 triangles for 100 blocks.

Here is some chain piecing.

The left overs.

At the moment 50 half made blocks are waiting for the finishing touches.

I've placed them on the floor and try to decide the arrangement and the colours of the center pieces. This is taking some time; it is a serious matter.

Another project I've been working on is Round about from Schnibbles Times 2, made out of the Oasis line.

Some more chain piecing:

The blocks were not so difficult to make.

This is what it lookes like now. It is still waiting for the inner and outer border.

After that it's quilting time again... I'm still like the bird in front of a snake when it comes to quilting. There is a quiting class on Saturday, but I will not be able to participate. The next one is in October, so probably all the flimsies will have to wait until then. Or a miracle comes around.

June 19, 2011

Cross stitch kit give away

I'd like to give this kit away. It is a cross stitch kit from Cedar Hill including chart, needle and floss. It is in its original package; I've only looked at it from time to time.

Just send me an email, or leave a comment.

This kit is still available. March, 5th 2013

Skill Builder Sampler - block 1

Leila at Sewn has started a Skill Builder Sampler. There will be 36 different blocks along the way, starting with a simple Cabin log. Every Friday there is a new block requirering new, or different skills. It looks like a lot of fun.
This is my first block.

If it looks a bit wonky it probably is because it is :-)

June 12, 2011

UFOs no. 5 and 6 finished!

Let me proudly present my UFOs no. 5 and 6:

No. 5 is quite cute, but it was a hard one for me. It is a pincushion. The pattern is called Sweet pumpkin and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. You can get the kit here. Still it was quite a struggle for some reason; don't ask me why. It was for ages on my windowsill, just waiting for those famous last touches, looking at me reproachfully. In return I gave it a piece of my eye and ignored it.
Now I have discovered I don't like to use it, because needles can easily disapperar into its gready stomach, never to be seen again, or cowardly attacking your fingers from underground when you last expect it. I prefer smaller pincushions.

No. 6 is a christmas table topper made with cross stiches. I found in the attic and I don't know how long it has been there. I only had to finish the border, but didn't know how, so up up and away it went. I still don't know if I made the corners the right way, but frankly I don't care any longer. Finished is better than perfect, right? It is 55 cm x 110 cm, so it is a big one. The border took me almost 7 hours, so it wasn't quite as easy as planned.This one I do like and I'm looking forward to putting it on the table in the living room next christmas.

So far I have made one UFO a month and I have been overachieving with the blocks for Joseph's coat. I decided to make 2 every month and I've made 20 by now. My Dear Jane is waiting for a decision (Reboot, or go on).
I'm rewarding myself with a new project and I've decided to join the Skill Builder Sampler. If you are interested to join you find the button in the right border. It is starting next Friday and for once I can start on time and not a couple of years later. Is anyone joining me?

June 9, 2011

Knitting needle safe

I'm still busy organizing my working space and making new discoveries time after time. This time I came across some honey buns with only 10 strips. As I needed a new needle safe for my bamboo knitting needles I thought the strips would come in handy.


2 x 56 x 40 cm (22"X16") background fabric
1 x 56 x 40 cm (22"X16") batting, I used Vlieseline
8 honey bun strips (4 cm x 110 cm/1 1/2"x44" strips of fabric)
1 x 16 x 14 cm (6 1/2" x 5 1/2") background fabric and batting
stitchery pattern
some velcro
2 x 2" x 44" strips of fabric


1. Cut all the fabrics.

2. Marc your stitchery pattern carefully in the middle of one of the background fabric pieces.

3. Iron the batting on (Is batting the right word? I mean the fabric you can iron on to stabilize your work) and make the stichery. My pattern is no. #644 from a Stitch in time. I liked it a lot from the first time I saw it and have only been waiting for the right place to put it. It says: "Dear Lord, put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth. Amen". As I usually don't know what I think, before I hear what I'm saying it seems the right thing for me.

4. Sew 2 strips from the honey bun with the right sides together. Repeat it with the other strips until you have sewn all 8 strips together. Cut the strips 3 x to a lenght of 24 cm (9 1/22) and 2 x 18 cm (7"). Sew the longer strips together. You will only need 21 strips of the longer ones.

5. Sew the shorter strips together (16 strips).

6. Iron your strips.

7. Place the strips on your cutting board and cut the longer strips so that they are 24 cm on one side and 19 cm on the other side. My ruler uses only cm, so I've put some tape on it the get some measurements in inches. It doesn't look so good, but it saves a lot of time.

8. Repeat it with the shorter strips, but place the small piece of fabric on the right side and cut it at the same time. The resulting piece (strips and fabric together) should be 18 cm on one side and 13 cm at the other. The small piece of fabric will make a pocket for your circular knitting needles.

9. Don't attach the small piece of fabric to the strips yet. Marc a stitchery pattern to the fabric and stitch it, picking the corresponding colours from the strips. I chose a smaller copy of the pattern on the front.

10. Now prepare the long strips of 2" x 44" for the binding. Don't attach it permanently yet as you need to place a small piece of velcro on the backside of the binding. It will be used to close the pocket so everything you put inside will stay safe. Cut the binding as you see right. It should be about 56 cm/22" long. Don't throw the remaining strips away as you will need them for the fastening.

11. Attach some velcro to the longer strips beneath the other velcro.

12. Attach the shorter strips on the longer ones with needles taking care that the strips correspond.

13. Put both the longer and shorter strips on your background fabric. Sew carefully on the seams of the strips, taking care to sew a couple of time back and forward to strenghten the seams.

14. Almost there! Now prepare the remaining strips for the binding into strips for fastening the needle safe.

15. Attach one string to the front side of the needle safe as you like it. I placed mine in the middle some 16 cm (6 1/2") from the right side.

16. Place both pieces of background fabric with the right sides together and sew all around, leaving a small bit open for turning the fabric. Don't forget to put the second piece of string between the fabrics with the long side to the middle.

There you are; your new knitting needle safe is finished. Have fun!

June 4, 2011

Clouds are hanging low

Just a couple of lines to say I'm still around, still on sickleave after 10 weeks of problems with my right arm and tons of painkillers. I sort through my UFOs, getting more depressed by the minute. Even food doesn't taste so good with 2000 EHEC infections near by. So I just sit there thinking of my orbituary "Here rests Fabraholic, sorely missed by her 638 UFOs". On the other hand; so what? I'll hardly be around to read it.
So yesterday I tried to cheer up and cut some fabric into tiny scraps and I'm playing around and hoping something good will come out of this.
I'll keep you posted.