May 19, 2012

Another bee high (hive?)

This high must be coming from some very intensive days with the Scrappy? Sew bee it! It is so much fun and I spend my time, nose glued to:

1. my blog
2. my emails
3. Flickr

just waiting for whats coming up next. This waggon  is rolling nicely, but there are still heaps of fun ahead of us. I'll keep you posted.

I kind of regret that this adventure will come to an end all too soon (in one year) and wanting mooore! Now!!!
I did try a cold shower (27° C), but it didn't really help. When did it ever do? Sorry, sidetracking.

Another thing just whooping around my brain was what to do with these great fabrics.

So it hit me. Why not start another bee with theme of the blocks the country/city we are coming from? This one would be a sampler quilt, if possible a scrappy one, free use of size (12 1/2" limit).

You could use fabrics like the above, or use anything you have to make something that is just that thing from your place, or life.  I'm thinking perhaps something royal from England, Aboriginal style for Australia, skyscrapers for NY, midsommer wreaths for Sweden...Your ideas will be far better than mine.

This cute bugger is just begging to be transformed into a teacup! Isn't it?

Obviously I would myself be in very hot water, not really knowing what to make :-) Mosquitos, perhaps I should make some mosquitos. An icehockey puck, or snow in a winter landscape...

You could quilt or stitch, or a combination of both, as long as your block tells, yes this is a part of me. This is where I come from or this is what I am/love.

The idea is that you make 12 blocks from your own part of the world and send them to the others in the group. One block a month. These 12 blocks don't necessesarily have all to be the same motiv. They could all be different, all according to your own wishes. Queen bee of the month would choose the colour line and background fabric to make sure the quilt will somehow shape up.

At the end of the year you would end up with a wonderful sampler quilt, full of fond memories of friends. I would love to snuggle up in one!

Anyone interested? Please, please say yes!!


  1. Hey May, sounds cool, too. Aber ich stehe auf dem Schlauch (there is something I dont understand). So, if I am the queen bee I can request that everybody makes a Brandenburg Gate block or am I sewing 12 Brandenburg Gate blocks and send them out to whoever is the queen? Do you see what my problem is?

  2. You just spilled the beans, with the Brandenburg Gate :-) Great idea!
    My idea was that you make the 12 Gates, although the other idea has its merits as well...

  3. Sorry for spilling!
    My favotite building is actually a different one and much easier to make ;-)
    Did you just change the post or did I totally miss that 2nd paragraph from the bottom before?

    1. You make me curious; something from Cologne perhaps?
      Yes, I did write a new paragraph.

    2. Haha, Cologne! No, from Berlin of course: der Fernsehturm (Tv tower). It would be easy appliqué - just a stem and a ball on top (haha) + the antenna ;-)
      What do you think?

    3. How about the Humbold box? :-)

  4. Hi May, thank you for visiting my blog and welcoming me to the bee. I am looking forward to this very much. Unfortunately though i do have enough on for now and i need to leave some time for the random things that come my sweet girl who has just requested an 'olden days nightie'....too girls often give me sewing jobs! Not complaining here...
    Happy day ...those ideas sound fab!

    1. Hallo Debra
      Thank you for visiting my blog. Sure, I know exactly what you are talking about - my kiddies are just the same :-)

  5. ooh interesting! Would love to make blocks reflecting England where I live or Scotland where I was born!

    1. You just made me a happy woman Nicky! I'm preparing a couple of samples to make it a bit more interesting and will post about it again. Finland is hard going:-)

  6. Love your fabrics! It sounds like a great idea for a bee, unfortunately one is enough for me, I can barely get everything I want done as it is!! x

    1. oooooh...Just kidding; sometimes there is simply too much to do. Should you decide otherwise later you know you are always welcome! x