June 26, 2012

Odds and ends

Blogging is a lot of work; that is true. So are children, garden and whatever else you love!
Like quilting.

This week wasn't a great week for finishing anything to the last dot, but I managed at least some of the stuff  I'd planned to do.

The True Lover's Knot.

36 blocks of tidious calming sewing, cutting and ironing. I'm very proud of myself. I never thought I could really finish something like this in one go. Nothing else inbetween, no new projects started. This is the kind of self command and discipline no one ever credited me with. Unbelievable!
I even wanted to start on the actual quilting at once as well, but as this project kind of suddenly emerged I havn't bought the backing yet. So now this one is waiting for a parcel from the USA.

A first go at a framed purse for Nickys Framed Purse Swap:

It isn't as difficult as I thought. Rather easy in fact. As long as you don't glue the purse the wrong side out.

This is what it was supposed to look like. Bad thing you cannot close it :-) Now I have to buy a new frame somewhere and do it all again.

This is how it looks closed. Anyone care for a purse?

Then some sewing on the June Star of Africa block. No, I'm not showing any spoilers :-) Sorry Patti!

And a trip to the customs to pick up some rulers, fabrics and Tanyas Stargazer block. I cannot imagine why the customs wanted to inspect Tanya's letter, but they did. They didn't find anything exciting hidden in the seams.

I did find a lot of exciting things in the letter though; thanks Thanya! Your block and siggy are so beautiful! (and the extras very welcome!)

Not bad at all if you consider the amount of overtime I put in at work and coming home more dead than alive every day. After 10 hours of statistics I barely know my own name :-) Never mind, the Basic Score Cards are finished, my boss is happy and so am I.


  1. Tilkkupinta näyttää kerrassaan UPEALTA! En ole kskaan nähnyt mitään vastaavaa. malli voisi olla jopa jotain suomalaista kansanperinnettä.

  2. The True Lover's Knot is a true work of art. I can only imagine your sense of accomplishment. Very nicely done!

  3. Your lover's knot is so beautiful! I've been lurking and hoping for a sneak peek of my block!!! You are just too sneaky for me ;-)

  4. Your lovers knot is a real treasure! Hope you get some rest.

  5. May - your quilt is wonderfull!!
    You have every right to be proud - its a great job!
    The purse looks fine to me:-)

  6. I love your purse with the dots on the outside. Is that not the way you wanted it? I have a hard, hard time making purses. I had a gal make me one and I love it. It is very big. It's really a diaper bag but I picked out some fantastic fabric and it's so pretty. I can put my purse and books and booklight and lots of things in it and take it on the airplane. I also love your quilt. I couldn't make one like that. Was it hard? I am very impressed. I need to leave you messages more often as I miss talking to you.

  7. Oh what a shame the purse went wrong, but I love the knot, it's fab

  8. Your Lover's knot is gorgeous! Be proud! And I like the purse with the dots outside, too.

  9. Cant see anything wrong with the purse May and your quilt - well I wouldn't even start that one! Quite hypnotic!

  10. That quilt is so lovely! I really wouldn't have known you mixed up the fabric in the purse, it's gorgeous!

  11. Quite a dramatic combination, the dark blue and white for the Lover's Knot. Very lovely and elegant. Looking forward to following your quilting projects!
    best from Tunisia,