September 30, 2012

I'm a spoiled brat

I just  love swaps and bees! It's so exciting to see who is signing up, getting new aquintances and chatting all night long...Inspiration to leave your comfort zone behind you isn't bad either. 

In June the Star of Africa bee kicked off with Patti from Canada as our first queen bee. Star of Africa is an international bee with participants from all five continents. The idea is to make one block a month  with a motive from your own country according to the specifics of the queen bee.

Patti was very modest and happy with anything we came up with. So she said. We had to push her a lot to make her say anything at all about her likes and dislikes. She's a dear!

I thought I was even more modest as I didn't wish for a specific size, only a pastel colour line and as theme something you would take a picture of. Not everyone shared my view of my modesty :-)
I wanted to make a scrapbook quilt with lots of blocks of my own from my travels. Time to show my treasures. 

These are the European ones:

Art nouveau from Riga by compliment of
Celtic Thistle Stitches
Very British bling by compliment of Benta at the  Slik Stitches

Greetings from the new German capital to the old one
by compliment of  Sana Saroti
Best invitation ever to visit the British inlands...
by Janine The Rainbow Hare Quilts

Nessie for ever by compliment of Nicky Mrs Sew and Sow

The North and Central American ones:

A very impressive longhorn from Cindy at
the Tops to Treasures
These boots are made for walking...
from Kim at the Quilty Doo Dads

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the most beautiful lake in the world
made by Irene Patches of my Life
A happy Canadian hog by Patti at the Retired to Quilt

And last, but not least the Asian ones, both come from India.

Tah Mahal made by Veena from Arts Crafts and More
View out the window of a Jaipuri Jali, the pink city
made Tina from the Holy Scrap

Are they not cute! I couldn't say which one I like most of all to save my life! The four last blocks haven't arrived yet, but I'll keep you posted.

It's so exciting when the letters start to roll in and you can see in IRL what the blocks are like. Then there are the small greetings

and sometimes some extras. I don't want anyone to feel compelled to send gifts, so I've been very silent about what I've received. But its such a lot that I cannot hide it from you. It doesn't feel right just to say thank you and not to show the world your appreciation. I will not say from whom the gifts came and I've taken some group photos of my loot. I hope this solution is ok with everyone.
Am I being silly? I really, really don't want anyone to send gifts out of group pressure. Your friendship, encouragement and willingnes to share a part of my road is the biggest gift of all!

Overwhelming, isn't it! And what did I make?

This is my block for Patti. Canadinans and Finns have icehockey in common. 

Jen, our newest bee wished for some animals. She's making a book for her kids to keep them occupied during long rides. I suppose they'd love to spot this one along the road...

This months bee mum, Nicky Mrs. Sew and Sow wished for fictional characters from fairy tales, myths, legends, childrens books...

Have I got you interested in the group? We have two free slots if you want to join us. I can promise a very interesting time and lots of fun. You will learn a lot and I mean really a lot during this ride! Just pop over to Flickr and look for the Star of Africa group, or send me an email. Should you leave a comment here, please make sure you aren't a no reply blogger as I will not be able to contact you.

September 26, 2012

It's a bit over, is it ok?

Every year we go for a weeks holidays to Alsace, France. Always to the same place, always about the same time. Its the 23rd time in a row, so you might safely call it a tradition.

This year we went a month earlier than usual and everything was different. We wern't freezing our butts off,  it was so warm we could breakfast outside if we wanted to. Of course we didn't, because before we realized it was a possibility we'd already finished :-)

Another new thing was the 18th European patchwork meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. We just happened to drive by on our mushroom tour and saw all these shops, exhibitions and people milling around. It was just great and I for one could not get enough and would happily stayed there for the whole week.
It was challenging to keep the family off my back during my raiding of all the shops, but more challenging still to try not to buy everything I saw...

You know I live in a developing country, so please don't judge me too harshly for my buying frenzy.
This is my booty. Everything acchieved in one short hour! And I didn't see a single exhibition; next year Mr. Grumpy will be set out somewhere in the woods...

They had lots and lots of ribbons and zippers. I'm already regretting that I didn't buy more...

In my shopping fever I managed unwittingly to buy a pattern in French. French is not my major forte...Should I need help I do hope someone is willing to translate the difficult parts for me.

The froggies are going to be a pouch one day...

Sorry not to have a single picture of the place, but first things first... :-)