October 19, 2013

Stamp it up swap

During the Fat Quarterly Retreat in July in London several classes were offered. We had the opportunity to sign up for 4 classes according to our wishes. One of the classes offered was about how to make your own stamps. Actually this theme didn't interest me, so I made other choises for myself.

But firesoul Nicky (Mrs. Sew and Sew) joined the group and was hooked. She only talked and breathed stamps afterwards, infecting everyone in her vicinity with the stamp virus. It got so bad she even started the Stamp it up swap. In no time at all she convinced a group of fearless nonbelievers to join.  

Nicky is my truffels pig so I immediately signed up and a new adventure started. First thing; how to make these stamps? And then, where do I get the stuff I need? Thanks to the flood of information we were swamped with both questions were no issues for long and I got started. Very helpful indeed, but puuh! Making some stamps can't be that difficult? Just a bit of carving; even small kids can do it. I distictly  remember some sessions with potatoes.

I duly made my inspiration mosaic (not my favorite occupation), but the amount of ahs and ohs wasn't very impressive, so Nicky made another one for me. A lot better than mine. Thanks Nicky!

After some time we were alotted our partners and I was very happy to draw Ulrike (Flohstiche). We had spent some time together in London and I knew some of the lovely things she'd made for herself. I even had a picture of a pouch of hers. That certainly made my life a lot easier!

I love this pouch and immediately decided to give it a baby brother. The fabrics were soon picked out from the stash, but the stamp? My first one took a long time to do and as was I making the last touches my hand slipped and the stamp was in pieces. So was my finger.

Perhaps I should do something a bit less challenging? I made a fish, nice and easy. Idiot proof. My daughters very immediately inspired to make their own stamps and they did a very good job of it. But Ulrike picked the fish as her favorite and I was able to continue with the task on hand.

Sardine tin
I decided to make the fishy stamps only on the lining, because I didn't want to mess up the pouch.

The pouch was fun to make, but the pattern not that easy, or perhaps my brains were away on holidays? I spent quite some time working out how to sew those litte squares in the right order. Once I got the knack of it the pouch was soon finished and on its way to its new home. 

After that the next fun part began; stalking the postie. And then on sunny day there it was, my new gorgeous pouch with darling giraffes! Amanda (what the bobbin) from Texas sent me all these goodies and even the giraffe stamp! Thank you so much Amanda for this generous gift!

Enough for today; I've got to make some giraffe fabrics...