June 18, 2014

Visiting friends

About a month ago (oh dear, how time runs) I went for a weekend to see a dear friend. You know the kind that starts with chatting online and then ends up as the very best kind of friendship, the kind you want to hold on to the rest of your days on earth!

Honestly, things have been a bit tough at home these last months, so I really, really looked forward to this visit. And as I had never visited my friend before, I was very excited to see her family and her home at last. And a lovely family and home it was! Her husband picked me up at the airport, but then went off walking in the Lake district, so we had the weekend to ourselves, doing whatever we wanted to do.

Of course I had to make a little something for her as thank you for having me gift. It was fun to make and she seems to like it, so that is ok I suppose. Paper piecing is a new skill, but it is getting easier all the time and the sulphor fumes around my head and the nasty language is getting less...

But back to the visit again. We did some shopping and some baking if I remember right. And we did visit parents and did some more shopping, running unexpectedly into another online friend, the lovely Lucy (Charm about you). Of course in a fabric shop, the natural habitat for every quilter, where else?

At a hat museum we did some hat sampling...Quite fun to see all the different kinds of hats. I never realized there are so many different ones around. But then I do not usually wear any, so I would not notice.

But most of the time we spent chatting and doing nothing special at all. If you ask me, the very best way to spend time with friends. Thank you dear for a wonderful time in your home; see you next time at my place!

Actually I have not only been frolicking around the world, but I have actually finished two blocks for the Star of Africa bee. This one is for Veena from Chennai in India. She wanted blocks related to our national flowers. Lily of the valley is the one for Finland, not an easy task. I did a lot of thinking and some research to find something suitable to sew, but after all I ended up with an own design.

And this one is for Tina, also in Chennai, India. She wanted SHOES!
I do hope both blocks arrived safely by now and that you like them.

Yes, I am still working on some blocks and they will be finished as soon as I have sorted my life into some kind of working order.