August 15, 2014

and now?

Another year almost around again.  I am talking about the second year of the Lazy Bums. A group of talented ladies working their fingers off to finish all of those UFOs cluttering up badly needed space in the cupboards. Or under the bed. Or where ever. You know where you have your stash hidden away, so you know what I am talking about. And I must say it was a year full of laughter and fun things, a good year!

So what is so special about this group?

We have these monthly challenges. One project will be chosen from a list of ten as the challenge of the month. Should you finish the challenge you get an extra point and are in a pool to win a small prize. And should you get enough points (8) you are in for a bigger prize at the end of the year. This years winner is Strandkorbtraum! Congratulations Leonie!

We had a secret swap shortly before Christmas. Everyone making a cute basket and filling it with goodies, mostly chocolate as far as I could see. Yummy! I am sorry, but I did not take any pictures, so you have to use your imagination.

And we had a couple of virtual retreats. All of us working at the same time at a projects while chatting online with the other ladies. It was great fun! And it kept us going. There is nothing like getting badly needed support while you are slaving away and to know that all over the world your friends are doing just the same as you - finishing UFOs. And getting that lovely glowing feeling of achievement!

The motto for the first global retrat was samplers. You got 1 point for every 10 finished blocks. I did not get very far, but I did get a good start on my Just takes 2 sampler.

Just takes 2; a project for the next round

One of my finishes during one of our global retreats
And this is what I made during the second global retreat, a scrappy floating star quilt in rainbow colours. I fanished this quilt after a mad three days quilting session.

Backside of the scrappy floating stars

Another finished UFO

And what else? Well we did actually finish 132 projects during this year and that is quite an acchievement! You can see in the pictures a few I managed to finish during last year.

But I must confess that the second half of the year went past while I was occupied with other things. But life is like that; you never know what will pop up next.  You just have to do what needs to get done and over with.

But I did get on with these two quilts: Joseph’s coat. I finished the blocks, sewed the rows and this one is only waiting for its turn to be basted and hand quilted.

Not finished, but almost!

The second one, Mystery Star, has been around for a while; I did get a bit confused with hand quilting. Did not get the gist of it properly and threw the whole project disgustedly in a corner. But after some tuition, I made some progress and hope to finish it, perhaps this year.
Handquilting in progress
Still, this is not about me. This is just about some thoughts I have, sitting here in the middle of the night and thinking of the past year. Feeling greatful for what I had and very reluctant to let a good thing like this group go. The good thing is the other ladies feel the same and are hell-bent on having another go. Having fun and as a welcome side effect to get those UFOs finished and out of our hairs. So let us just do it.

Should you want to join in on the fun you find us on Flickr; we have great plans for next year!