February 28, 2016

Screen printing with Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis

My very dear friend Rachel asked me some time ago if I would like to join her screen printing. Of course I immediately said yes, little knowing what it was about. Actually I googled screen painting some time later and was rewarded with a lot of ... well you had better see for yourself :-) So let us say, I was not as keen as I might have been.

Busy ladies
The nearer the date came the more questions I got about where I was going and I kept saying screen painting... Actually I only got it right one day before I was leaving and I was really excited! This looked very good indeed and very good it was!

Yesterday the bunch of us, Rachel, hubbie Sam and daughter Catherine set out to get introduced to the secrets of screen printing. 
Making a pattern
It was only a small group, Karen, the lovely Di who took care of everything and 8 of us eager to learn as much as we could. Karen is a lovely person and talented as well. She explained everything so well we got the gist of it very fast and soon were drawing patterns like we'd never done anything else.  

You can see here what I came up with. I am extremely pleased with myself I must say :-)
Another pattern
I am not going to tell you in detail all the steps; Karen has written an excellent book called Screen printing at home

All in all it was a very satisfactory experience; I thorougly enjoyed myself and am sure going to do a lot of it. And now I am off scrubbing inc from under my fingernails...

Happy faces after a very productive day

Dear Karen; thank you for everything, hope to see you in Cologne soon!

I'm linking up with Modern Patch Monday over at the Modern Cologne Quilter. 

Should you be around next Sunday please visit us (The Modern Cologne Quilter) at the lalala patchwork & more in Bensberg, Germany. We will be waiting for you with some coffee and cakes and lots and lots to tell. If you are coming we would love to see your Et Dömsche block. You will find a freebie here.

And now, last but not least, thank you Rachel for an absolutely gorgeous experience! You are spoiling me rotten! I do not know what I've done to earn a friend like you! 

February 26, 2016

Two bees

As happens in January I was queen in two German bees; the Modern Cologne Bee and Fleißige Bee'nchen. Of course I do not "need" more quilts, but honestly, that is not a good reason for not making more, is it? I looked around for ideas for a while and remembered I'd promised to make a quilt for friends. Actually I promised a long time ago, but sometimes other things just push themselves in front of fun.

They papered a guest room/den with fabrics, mainly in yellow with a bit of blue. I've written about the papering a couple of years ago, but you can read about it here in case you are interested.Yes, they do a lot of things themselves and their house is simply adorable! For their quilt they chose a traditional pattern, the Bear Paw. Not really a challenge for my quilting heart, but what they want they will get. So Bear Paw it is.

I sat down and wrote the instructions come January, actually I wrote them four times I think. And I made a sample block and wondered why it did not look so well... So I cut my fabrics again, and then a third time. And then there was the hassle with the letters; one lady did not get the instructions, and one did not get anything at all. Well, I had fever and it is NOT a good idea to do anything like this as long as you are not fit.

But hey, everything was well in the end and almost all the finished blocks are back again. Now I have to deside what to do with them. I think I might change the pattern a bit and make it slightly more interesting. We will see!

Johanna was Miss February at the Fleißige Bee'nchen Bee and wanted some hexagon log cabins. They look cute with the fussy cut in the middle, don't they? I am not a big fan of log cabin, but this one is fun!

Martina is Miss February with the Modern Cologne Bee and she wants something curvy. It looks really difficult and I haven't started on it yet. I need some courage first...

February 22, 2016

Bubbles and Linky Monday

Bees are fun! I enjoy the excitement in joining a bee. To see what it is all about, see who else is signing up, see the ideas and most of all I like chatting with people all over the world.

At the moment I'm in five bees, all of them different. Today I am  going to present you the Bubbles Bee, hosted by Aylin in Berlin.

January Block for Sue

It is a rather straightforward, down-to-business bee. It is an international one so you get partners from oversea as well as from your own part of the world.
You had to buy the pattern, sign up, promise you were going to abide by the rules and soon you knew whom you were sewing for.  I signed up for 9 blocks, all in orange, 12 1/2" * 12 1/2", so no big variation here. Or so I thought.

These are the block I've received so far. Lovely are they not? And all so different!

Yesterday I finished my February block for Nela and will send it on its way to her as soon as I find an envelope.

Just in case you did not know there is a linky party at the Modern Cologne Quilter. There you can show the world what ever you finished during the weekend. You will not regret it!

See you soon, take care!

February 16, 2016

Back again

Ok, it's been awhile; time to get up in the saddle again. I am honestly flabbergasted that I still have readers after being away for almost two years! I thought I might be handcuffed for desecrating this blogs grave peace, but perhaps I can get away with it. Wow! Thank you for your loyalty; I will try to mend my ways and tell you all about what I've done in the meantime.

So what did I do? Some serious headscratching going on here. Well, of course there were all those UFOs disappering from my to-do list with a little help from my Lazy Bums ladies encouraging me to get on with it. If you give me a moment I'll go looking for pics, but just now I need to get on with my tale.

So sorry; this post decided it wanted to publish itself :-)

During my absence I joined five bees:

Flying geese

Bubbles bee

The 12 bowlegged curvy bees

 Modern Cologne bee

and the Secret Tote Bag Swap.

I finished 8 UFOs 2015, went once again for a wonderful weekend deep into the Finnish woods to dye wool with natural ingredients and, perhaps most important joined the group Modern Cologne Quilters.

Please have patience with me; I simply cannot write about everything tonight, but I will write about everything one thing after another. And there will be pictures. Promise!