March 30, 2016

Bubbles bee

Well, I did promise you to tell you a bit about all the bees I am in presently. I've told a bit about the Modern Cologne Bee and the Fleißige Been'chen bees. Now is time to tell you about the Bubbles bee managed by Aylin. The bee started last summer in July. It is an international bee and you had to be ok with sending stuff over seas for this one. Not a big problem, because you only send the finished block and you make it from your own stash.

First you had to get the pattern; you can find it at Craftsy (look for Aylin) and DaWanda if I remember right. Then you had to sign up for a definite number of blocks you wanted to do and you had to decide in which sizes/colours you wanted the blocks.

I signed up for nine blocks and I only wanted 16 1/2" blocks in orange, so nothing really exciting about my wishes. But there was a lot of different wishes, so every month you had to sew something a bit different.

It is a very straight forward bee. You set down your wishes, got your partner and a time table and could start straight away if you wanted to. I did. I immediately made the first five blocks and sent them away in due time. And once a month a received a yummy block. This are my spoils so far. Aren't they gorgeous? And there is still one more to come in April.

I've been a bit occupied with my own life lately, so I haven't had as much time with my Bernie as I would have liked to, but during Eastern I finished my last two bubbles.

The red one is for Becky alias keepinstitches and the blue one for Andrea& Quiltmanufaktur. Hope you like them!

The bee will finish end of April, but Aylin says there will be a second one. So if you are interested keep your eyes open.