June 3, 2016

A brownie came to visit

Brownies belong into fairy tales you might think, but I know better! Last Thursday in walked a brownie in my apartment, dumped her bag on the bed, took a look at my to do list descreetly written on the mirrow and immediately sat down by the sewing machine. And she looked through my bits and pieces, asked some questions about colour preferences and block sizes and got started! Just like that!

And you know what? This brownie did not want any sweeties, she kept going on cuppas. Oh yes, lots of them, but still affordable :-)

Just look at what she did!

The last two blocks for Erika and two Serendipity candles for Susanne in the Bowlegged curvy bee.

Next came three blocks for Judith in the same bee and now I only need to make one more.

Looks like a lot, doesn't it. But not enough with these gorgeous bee blocks, no she looked around and found another bee block I've been successfully procrastinating. It was a lovely block for Martina, but we were so eager to hand it over to her we did not take any pictures. Sorry about that! But I am sure Martina will show her quilt when finished, so you can see it there.

And what did I do while my sewing machine was occupied? Nothing at all; I just made sure the sofa would stay where it supposed to be, You might say I was holding it down  :-)

Thank you sweetie for some lovely days; I would be miserable without you as my friend!